Ice-T, Coco with Mix Master Mike – Coco wins an AFFY Award for internet players

Ice-T and Coco hosted the Affiliate Ball that just took place Monday night at the Copacabana in Times Square, NYC. Seen in this clip is Darren Blatt, the organizer/promoter of this event. 9 big time internet players who “make the internet better” received these awards, mostly big affiliate marketers and bloggers. Coco was surprised that they had an award for her as well, she thought it was an award and a butt plug! Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys was the DJ as this went down. They had a surprise performance later that night in support of the Mama Luke (Hip-Hop’s Fight Against Breast Cancer) Kangol Kid from UTFO, Dinco D from Leaders of the New School, Dana Dane, Freedom Williams from C&C Music Factory and Rappers Delight formerly the Sugarhill Gang Master G, Wonder Mike, Hen Dog DJ Dynasty with DJ Diamond on the turn tables. This took place during the largest internet affiliate marketing convention, Affiliate Summit. The Affiliate Ball is thrown by Darren Blatt, legendary internet marketing promoter. Ice-T & Coco hosting the evening, Mix Master Mike was the house DJ for the night and Doug E Fresh catering the backstage with his famous, “Doug E Fresh’s Chcken & Waffle”


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