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The AFFYs – Targeted Advertising For B2B – Built To Go BIG!
When you already have a targeted audience, it certainly gives you a head start. The parent company of The AFFYs is Affiliate Ball. The Ball has registered 60,000 digital marketing professionals that regularly attend trade show. The AFFYs will tap into the Affiliate Ball newsletter and social media to start off with a bang!

Never before has The AFFYs included categories for just about all parts of the digital marketing world until now. And we’re opening up the field to over 40 awards and up to 5 nominees per category as we know we’ll get the support from both nominees and excited viewers.

Building B2B traffic is easy for us.  Both nominees and winners will be able to fly a small icon in their social media/sites that say “AFFY Nominated 2021” and then “AFFY Winner 2021”.  We know we’ll get lots of links back.

But using a fun icon isn’t the key to sustained traffic, the incredible AFFYs resources will bring the eye balls. People always wonder, “who should I use” in a wide spectrum of areas like affiliate networks, CRM, processors, SMS and lots more. Now fellow marketers will finally be able to bookmark the greatest resources our industry has ever had. Plus, we’ll have buttons next to companies that are nominated and also winners. This gives our viewers a little more of a measure of who top industry professionals think that you should have on your radar when considering services. Stick around for one of the only great lead sources in the biz. Ultimately, resources turn into targeted leads.

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