Affiliate Ball decided to focus on the networking with the ultimate party band!

Sometimes when people start to stereotype the music selections at an Affiliate Ball we change it up.  This time we decided to focus more on the networking vibe of the room.

Crowds need to be in a good mood to maximize their “personalities” during trade shows.  You don’t need energy drinks, drugs or caffeine to bring out the fun side in guests.  Put the right band on stage, keep it all instrumentals so the lyrics don’t distract.  VIBE.

When people ask me if I’m a party planner, promoter or whatever they think I must be, I will always tell them, “vibe creator”.

Once you create vibes, you help create relationships and that can blossom into your biggest business relationships.

Don’t miss out on our events because you stereotyped.  That’s when you’ll miss out and get FOMO.

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